Government Relations & Liaison

We specialize in relations and liaising between your company and the government agencies, corporations and community based organizations. Our partners and specialists in this area are ready to provide multifaceted services to our clients.

Training Services

Our Training Services delivers public and onsite courses as well as custom writer customized courses for your organization’s specific needs. Attendees receive high-quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the areas of safety, security, risk, reliability, quality and the environment. Lave Consulting & Training Services is a privately owned company which provides Annual, Large Scale and Training Events aimed at a wide variety of executive target markets. Our purpose is to provide our customers the business relationships and innovative skills to do different and better business.

Our products feature top-notch experts in Project Management; Mining; Human Resources and Skills Development; Finance & Investment; Secretarial; Government and Public Sector; Strategic Management; Maintenance, Manufacturing and Engineering; Energy, Oil and Gas; Legal, IT and Telecommunication; Health Care and Pharmaceuticals; Transport and Infrastructure.

Benefits of Choosing Lave as Your Preferred Training Provider

  • All our training solutions can be aligned to our clients’ need.
  • All our workshops are supported with high quality materials, designed and written specifically for each and every client.
  • Training and consulting interventions are customised and participatory.
  • We will adapt consulting forms, processes and tools to grade my essay online suit the needs of clients.
  • We conduct local, regional and global research to stay abreast of the challenges and best practices facing organisations.
  • Our programmes ignite enthusiasm and inspire, and they accurately reflect clients’ objectives, culture and climate.
  • We develop your own real life situations into case studies highlighting immediate practical applications, making skill development as natural, beneficial and as useful as possible.